Melbourne Rugby Club Junior Coordinator Michelle Iezzi


This year one woman has been instrumental to the success of the Junior program at the Melbourne Rugby Club. Michelle Iezzi is the Club’s Junior Coordinator and is the driving force that allows our children to be able to play and compete on the rugby field each Saturday during the season.

She works tirelessly with Rugby Victoria, Rugby Australia and the wider rugby community to not only continue to grow the Junior Club, but expand rugby as a sport in Melbourne. Her efforts to push the women’s game has enabled for the first time a girls U11 & U15 team to wear the Unicorn’s jersey and to compete in 2018.

We speak to Michelle about her time at the Melbourne Rugby Club.

Melbourne Rugby Club Junior Coordinator Michelle Iezzi at AAMI Park

When did you first come to the Melbourne Rugby Club?
I’ve been at Melbourne Rugby Club since 2009 when my oldest son Enzo started in U6.

What roles have you had within the Club?
I’ve been Team Manager for several years and spent two years as the Junior Competition Grade Coordinator before starting as Junior Coordinator at the end of last season. And have been on the Junior Sub-committee for about 7 years.

How did you become Junior Coordinator?
I may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. With 12 junior teams it’s a tough job, but very rewarding – there is always something else to do.

Why Melbourne Rugby Club and what makes you continue to stay with the Club?
I love rugby and I love that my kids love it too. Anything I can do to make it better for them, their team mates and the rest of our rugby community, I’ll do. I think it’s such a great game with so much to offer. It is a game for all shapes and sizes, where team work is critical for success. It really is a special sport that offers so many opportunities.

Why would you recommend girls / women play or be part of the Club?
It’s a great community with some amazing people who work tirelessly to field teams week in, week out. We need to get as many passionate people involved as we can – girls, boys, women and men.

Melbourne Rugby Club Junior Coordinator Michelle Iezzi with Wallabies