As rugby is a contact sport and injuries can arise it is very important that all of our players are covered with adequate insurance. As part of you membership at the club there is a provision for ARU insurance. It is important to note for all players that this insurance coverage is often limited to major injuries and contains limitations and exclusions. The normal bumps and bruises are not necessarily covered.

A broad outline of the cover is provided in the brochures on hand and a full policy document can be viewed on the rugby insurance website here. The Medical Expenses section of the insurance is not a substitute for Private Health Insurance and it is recommended that all players and officials take out separate Private Health Insurance. The club encourages all players to determine if they qualify for the facilities that are publicly available in the health care system in Australia.

The club would like to remind players that it is their personal responsibility to ensure they have the adequate insurance coverage. Below are some links that can assist you:

ARU Rugby Insurance Plan
The Australian Rugby Union has arranged the ARU Sports Injury and Liability Insurance Plan on behalf of our member unions, their affiliate unions, clubs and referee associations. All participants (Players, Coaches, Officials) must be registered with the ARU in order to obtain coverage under the plan.

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Medicare usually covers:

  • Free or subsidised treatment by health professionals such as doctors, specialists, optometrists and in specific circumstances dentists and other allied health practitioners
  • Free treatment and accommodation as a public Medicare patient in a public hospital
  • 75% of the Medicare Schedule fee for services and procedures if you are a private patient in a public or private hospital. This does not include hospital accommodation and items such as theatre fees and medicines
  • Some health care services in certain countries

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iSelect Private Health Insurance (options for visitors and locals)
iSelect makes choosing a private health insurance policy in Australia simple, with great advice across a range of participating health funds. iSelect provides multiple health insurance quotes from a range of participating providers based on your individual requirements – it’s designed to compare policies that suit your needs.

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