The Melbourne Unicorns Foundation was established in 2012 with the objective of building and administering a fund for the long term development and prosperity of the Melbourne Rugby Union Football Club. This foundation will provide a pathway for supporters to help ensure our Club’s ongoing development and continued prosperity.

The Melbourne Rugby Union Football Club has a long history. Officially established in 1909, we can trace our history back to the Melbourne Rugby Union banner in early 1888. Our Club continues to grow, providing a positive Rugby Union experience for our members  – from the under sixes to the 1st grade Premier division and for the local community. We offer access to one of the best playing surfaces in Melbourne, along with clubrooms and a gym. We have much to be proud of as a Club. We offer our member’s opportunities to build friendships, contribute to our strong club spirit, and gain positive experiences that last a lifetime. To maintain our Club culture, and to capitalise on our continuing success and growth, we need to build our financial strength. Our strong and rapid growth has made it difficult to set funds aside for our future. Without such financial strength our ability to provide future generations with at least the same opportunities and benefits as past and current members enjoy is not assured.

The foundation is an independent entity that is obligated to ensuring that any funds raised are committed solely to the MRUFC. The foundation has a Board of Directors all of whom are experienced business people and company directors. All have played for the club and are either currently members of the club committee or have served on it in the past. The club president of the day is a full member of the board. The Board will work closely with the Committee of the day to prioritise projects.

The foundation consists of two funds. The first (The Melbourne Unicorns Foundation) allows tax deductible contributions to be made and this fund will be governed by the rules of the Australian Sports Foundation.

The second fund (The Melbourne Unicorns General Trust) is a general fund which has more flexibility in terms of how its funds are deployed but will not allow tax deductibility for those contributing. This general fund is most appropriate for those who do not have the need for tax deductibility and also for bequests. Both Funds will be exempt from tax on income earned within them.

Unicorns Foundation Directors





Gerry Hueston

0410 479 219


Chris Daly

0408 583 514


John Power

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Dave Walker

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Tony Burge

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John Rosenhain

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Details on how to make contributions and arrange bequests are set out in the form below:Unicorns Foundation Enquiries » click here

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