Youth Girls Rugby

Join one of our Youth Girls rugby teams and play in one of the fastest growing football competitions in the State. Teams for U11 Touch 7s, U15 Touch 7s and U17 Tackle 7s. U15s and U17s Tackle clinics will also be held throughout the season.

Rugby Touch 7s for Girls
The Melbourne Rugby Touch 7s for Girls program aims to increase the physical activity of girls in the U11 and U15 age groups. Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of Rugby Touch 7s. This will be a fun, free flowing form of rugby designed to provide participants with a non-contact rugby experience in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Why play Rugby Touch 7s?
It’s is all about having fun with friends, staying fit and healthy, whilst playing in good spirit.

Perfect for all shapes and sizes
Whether you’re a beginner, a one-timer or a seasoned player there’s a spot for you. It’s a non-contact form of rugby, which means the game is free-flowing and all about making space.

How to play
Seven simple steps on how to play Rugby Touch 7s:
1. Seven (7) players per team
2. U11 & U15 touch only*
3. You’re allowed seven touches to score before handing the ball to the opposition
4. When touched you can either pass to a teammate within two seconds, take two steps or perform a ball place while defenders stand five metres back
5. When the ball goes over the sideline, a quick throw back takes place
6. Kicking is allowed depending on the age group and skill level
7. A turnover occurs if the attacking team drops the ball forward, passes forward or uses up their seven touches

* U17 transitions to contact (tackle), U15s Tackle clinics held throughout the season

Rugby Tackle 7s for Girls
Inspired by our Gold-medal winning Olympians, the Melbourne Rugby Tackle 7s for Girls program aims to increase the physical activity of girls in the U17 age group. Participants will learn the fundamentals of tackling, ball skills, strategic 7s play and train to develop strength and fitness.

A number of clinics will be held over the season to ensure a safe transition from Touch 7s to Tackle 7s for U15s and new players.

Age Groups
– U11 (Touch 7s)
– U15 (Touch 7s)
– U17 (Tackle 7s)

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