Wheelchair Rugby is the most exciting sport on wheels. It is a fast-paced, tactical game for people with a physical disability that affects at least three of their limbs. Since its inclusion to the Paralympic Games in 2000, wheelchair rugby’s popularity has taken off worldwide.

Image Description: Five players from the Unicorns in sports wheelchairs from the Protect Victorian Wheelchair Rugby Cup winning team.

Teams of four take the court and incorporate skills from rugby, basketball and handball to move the ball and score. It is a full-contact sport; players use their chairs to block and hold off opponents in play.

Scoring for wheelchair rugby is similar to outdoor rugby, as players have to cross the scoring line in possession of the ball, but wheelchair rugby players must have at least two of the four wheels from their chair over the scoring line. Teams are awarded one point for crossing the scoring line in wheelchair rugby with this being the only way to score. 

Wheelchair rugby is played in four 8-minute quarters; with a 2-minute break at the end of the first and third quarters, and a 5-minute break at the half. Each side has four 30 second time-outs they can use to stop play, whilst the coach has two 60 second time-outs.

Players are given a classification depending on their disability ranging from 0.5 up to 3.5 – the higher the level of disability a player has, the lower the classification. Teams are allowed to have a maximum of eight points distributed across the four players on the court.

Shae Graham, Melbourne Wheelchair Rugby
Image Description: Shae Graham, Paralympian evading another wheelchair rugby athlete during a match. Players are competing in sports wheelchairs.

Honour Board




Player of the Year

Jayden Warn


Rising Star

Shae Graham


Wheelchair Rugby Participation Pathway
Wheelchair Rugby Australia is the national governing body for the sport of Wheelchair Rugby. Wheelchair Rugby Victoria proudly works in partnership with Wheelchair Rugby Australia as the sole sport deliverer in the state of Victoria as part of a unified model.

The competing teams in the Protect Wheelchair Rugby Cup have the names and club colours of four of Victoria’s strongest rugby union clubs – Melbourne, Harlequins, Box Hill and Power House – as part of the growing ties between the two sports.

A National competition completes the pathway for aspiring athletes. Melbourne Rugby Club (VIC) will compete against Box Hill Rugby Club (VIC), University of QLD Rugby Club (QLD), Brothers Rugby Club (QLD), Sydney University Rugby Club (NSW) and Tuggeranong Vikings Rugby Club (ACT).

If you would like more information about wheelchair rugby, from local training and championships, to state, national and international competitions, contact the Pathways & Talent Development Coordinator at Wheelchair Rugby Victoria » click here

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